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Finally the Fountain of Youth has been Found!

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In his exciting new book Getting Out of the Gray Areas of Christianity, author Ben McGuire explains how the Fountain of Youth / Eternal Life can be attained.

This book explores the myth that is associated with Eternal Life. Eternal Life can not be attained through hormones, cloning, proper culinary habits, or by drinking magic potions or water. Rather Eternal Life / Fountain of Youth can be found in the pages of God's Holy Word.

In his desire to find the Fountain of Youth, Spanish adventurer, Juan Ponce de Leon reacting to a rumor searched off the northern coast of Cuba for this drink of immortality. Now due to many resources and 2 years of research, author Ben McGuire explains why Ponce de Leon voyage was unnecessary. In this exciting new book you can expect to learn in Chapter I, who can blot your name out of the Book of Life. (hint it is not a man)

II. Why Abraham received the promise of his seed multiplying as the stars of Heaven and the sand which is upon the sea shore and you will find, as Christians today, how we receive the promises outlined in God's Word.

III.Why you have to continually have your hand to the plow to be fit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

IV. Why faith without works is dead, and why grace is necessary for salvation versus works.

V. Why your believing has to be continuous to have eternal life.

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